One of my 1st sites that Ive neglected for some time now has lost thousands of visitors. And of course, income.

Im not exactly sure why that is but Im sure I'll figure it out on this quest to revamp the site (branding, content, etc.) Ive already began adding more content (I'll explain that strategy below). 

Anyway, Im pretty bored with the site. I know, not very professional. So, I want to figure out why its been doing poorly in hopes to regain my excitement for it, regain the finances I put into it ( actually, Ive probably made the money back that i put into it) or at least get it the website traffic back up and increase the income then sell it to the highest bidder. 

Revamping Goals

  • 1
    Make A Homepag
  • 2
    Clean Up Categories and Tags
  • 3
    Create Clearer Focus For The Site (SMART goals)
  • 4
    Site Audit using Ahref
  • 5
    whatever come up along the way
  • 6
    Check Google Webmasters for the top 10 pages and give them a make over + links to newer content 

Clean Up Categories and Tags

Ok, yesterday (Sept. 27th, 2018) I  created 3 new categories, made a new top menu to consist of those new categories (I also made a new bottom menu),  manually went through 86 posts and changed the category to whichever was the most appropriate. That took me about 2.5 tedious hours. 

It definitely felt longer.  

Most importantly, the work got done and the site is one a few steps closer to being "cleaner". 

Im not sure if the site is/will be negatively affected by the change but I can't afraid to make changes and adjust. Change is needed in any business. 

Oh, and I deleted all tags ... Easy.