My Why: I Decided To “Go Public” & The Goals Behind It

I started my online business career a few years back- around 2012

There has always been a hunger and eagerness in me to build businesses. My WHY started in 2nd grade.

I would bag groceries, carry groceries to homes/cars, tutored in math, created original comic books that I sold to classmates, I made copies of CDs and sold them, ETC!!!!…


Once I graduated University (no regrets, really) I figured it was time to make things happen in a big way.  Everything I thought of or attempted required way more money, social clout or patience that I didn’t have- I’m a pretty patient dude BTW


Here Are Businesses I Want(ed) To Build

  • Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Development
  • Running a Franchise
  • Clothing Company
  • Restaurants
  • Lounges
  • Multi-Media Website
  • Production Company

*I have since learned a better way about building these businesses. At the time it seemed impossible- there were too many moving pieces. 

my why

So, What Happened?

I did more research on how to build businesses online.

More and more, I would see people talking about passive income, working from home and “living the life you want to live”. All I could think was…

“How the Freakazoid are these people doing this!”

That lead me to MORE research, seeping through a bunch of BS (complete BS- straight lies) and then, finally finding some really dope resources.

I found sites run by real people, showcasing real results.

And I was hooked 🙂

After a few months of reading blog post after blog post, listening to podcast, subscribing to blogs and watching Youtube videos (over and over again) I started to take action with the tactics these outlets were sharing.

*I was working a 9 to 5, so, its not like I threw all my chips in and ran with it. I treated it (building an online business) like an experiment that I did after work.


What Tactics Did Experiment With?

Well, I started to learn:

  • How to pick a niche/industry to created a site around
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • How to properly format posts
  • Link Building
  • Outsourcing Content and Other tasks
  • Email Marketing
  • Managing Projects and Editorial Calendars
  • Plus, a bunch of other stuff I don’t realize I know until someone asks me a question

I started with picking a niche and keyword research. After a few failed attempts, I started gaining traction with one of my experiments (which I still own and operate today)

Fast forward a few month and Im in the 4 digit online business game- fast forward a year and change, and I quit my job. (bye!)


Why Start A Blog About Building Online Businesses?

  1. To help hundreds of thousands of doers like yourself who haven’t found the way yet
  2. To show you, and those you share my content with that it can be done
  3. To challenge myself
  4. To document the journey and have fun doing it

I want to be who so many online Business Bloggers, SEOs, Growth Hackers and Digital Marketers have been for me over the past few years (and continue you to, because you never stop learning). I have learned from free content, services and paid courses- they all bring so much value.

I want to bring that value to you too 


What Will You Learn From This Blog

I will be doing 1 or 2 case studies at a time and updating you along the way. Simple as that.


Its not that simple.

There will be a bunch of stuff in those updates and there will be a bunch of ups, downs and stagnation. Thats business (thats life)

You will learn everything I mentioned above and more.

One thing I very sure of is that you will learn that “You Can Do It Too!”. Plus, I will demystify a myth that most people still have, which is: You have to start a business you’re  passionate about.

Thats not always the case.

Side Note: I think its interesting that people say that phrase as it relates to business or projects. Don’t push it when it comes to a job or career. So, you can be miserable at a job as long as someone is paying weekly?…. ok.


You’ll see that action is key. Just take action (well researched action :))


In Closing

I hope you learn and take action with the information I share on this site.

Make Move People!

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