Niche Found! Now Lets Make This Site Pretty & Functional


I found my niche I want to create an online business in... YAY!

Actually Im a bit nervous because Ive never attacked such a competitive niche, but one of the reasons I started this process to was to challenge myself, so... here I am.

Finding The Best Theme For Your Niche Site​

​There are a few basic features to check for when looking for a theme for your site. In most cases, this is all you need to make sure the site will perform will and look good.

  • Responsive: This makes the site adjust to any screen size- with everything moving toward mobile, this is a must!
  • Browser Compatibility: Some themes just to respond the same on certain browsers. I use google chrome and haven't had this issue but I know people that have. So check for it
  • SEO Friendly: This means so many things and I honestly don't understand it all. But, I do know that you should check that its one of the features 
  • Plugin Compatibility: If you know which plugins you'd like to use you make check the themes list of incompatibile plugin or software. You can also check certain plugin that list themes they aren't compatible with too. 
  • Support! Make sure they offer support, especially for beginners.

This is where we look on the Free Resources Page for some of the best themes, plugins and tools. 

Now, depending what your niche is, you may want to gave a homepage that sends visitors directly to a sale, appointment setup or to an optin form. Some call to action is necessary to win!

3 Types of Optins on Your Homepage​

  1. If you are in a consulting, maid, or any service niche your homepage may have a phone number or calendar to setup call times 
  2. Bloggers will have an email optin with a offer a small but enticing offer. 
  3. An App Will have A huge download button at the bottom and top of the homepage. 

Knowing your niche gives you a better understand what to look for in a theme and in the plugins you want/need. 

For Example: We are creating a business consulting site. If I had no idea what a business consulting site looks like or should look like... Id go to google and type in "business consulting site templets wordpress"​ (the search doesn't have to be pretty lol)

and the 1st thing I clicked looked like this...​

found my niche

Here I see my should have a contact number, hours, location, etc. It should also display my services and some images that represent my brand well.  Some other templates made their phone numbers more noticeable area. Either way, we get the jest.

I would then go to one of the theme sites and search for something like this OR use Thrive Themes & Thrive Content Builder to build a homepage like this- their tools are pretty flexible 

Plugins! What About Those WordPress Little Helpers?

You can see the top plugins on the resources page​ ... they are essentials. 

​But wait...

Just like we search for out competitors in the last post, we can search for what they used to run their sites. ​

3 Tools: What Plugins (and Themes) Are My Competitors using?​

  2. WPThemeDetector 
  3. WPPluginChecker

Logo Time 

I really don't spend much time on logo ideas anymore.

Once I have the name, I look at a few simple logos and choose a color or two and leave the rest to the designer.

 ​Some would advise against this, but I personally would spend too much time on a logo if I allowed myself to- i love that type of stuff. 

At the end of the day, although it is important, it isn't more important that gaining profit or traffic. We can always come back to it

I order from fiverr​... I just look through all the options and choose the designer that offer 3 or more revisions and all files. Then I email them my needs/wants. 

found my niche

3 Sites to Help Create Your Logo Idea

​Branding Colors:

Logo Work: Fiverr or 99 Designs 


Thats all ​folks...

Ok. I didn't mention how to install the wordpress theme, plugins or logos. Thats because there is too much info on how to do that out there.

If you use Bluehost, its a 1 or 2 click process- they walk you through it.

Trust me, some installation is tedious when you just start but it will take seconds once you get the hang of it.

Have fun with this part... these things, together, will create what people see when they first visit your site.


P.S. Did I miss anyt​hing that should be on this post? It is short and Iam typing as I go so Its very possible that I miss something. Just let me know in the comment- or share any thoughts or questions you may have.

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