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Smart Ways To Choose A Profitable Niche In Your Industry

Quick Navigation What Niches Am I Interested In and WhyTime To Make A Decision: Niche Idea Process Of Elimination The Keyword Research ProcessBuyer Intent KeywordsHow To Look Up Keywords? and Find Traffic Volume? Competition Analysis: What Do They Do? And How Can We Do It Better3 Ways: How To Find Potential Competitors ​Monetisation Options: How Can We Make […]


My Why: I Decided To “Go Public” & The Goals Behind It

I started my online business career a few years back- around 2012 There has always been a hunger and eagerness in me to build businesses. My WHY started in 2nd grade. I would bag groceries, carry groceries to homes/cars, tutored in math, created original comic books that I sold to classmates, I made copies of CDs and […]


The Revamp: Increase Website Traffic On My Old Site (Case Study)

So… One of my 1st sites that Ive neglected for some time now has lost thousands of visitors. And of course, income. Im not exactly sure why that is but Im sure I’ll figure it out on this quest to revamp the site (branding, content, etc.) Ive already began adding more content (I’ll explain that strategy below).  Anyway, […]


Niche Found! Now Lets Make This Site Pretty & Functional

Quick Navigation Finding The Best Theme For Your Niche Site​3 Types of Optins on Your Homepage​Plugins! What About Those WordPress Little Helpers?3 Tools: What Plugins (and Themes) Are My Competitors using?​Logo Time 3 Sites to Help Create Your Logo Idea​Conclusion  OK… I found my niche I want to create an online business in… YAY! Actually Im a bit […]