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About (that life)

Here are some words you’d use to describe yourself:

Creative, Passionate, Adventurous, Youthful

But, you would describe your current job as:​

  • “The rat race”
  • “Working for the man”
  • "Plain Ol’ Boring"

If you need something new to spice up your day-to-day routine, something to inspire you outside of your 9-5 or something more than drinks with friends


You simply have an idea you want to see come to life and are filled with entrepreneurial energy

You're In The Right Place

Still, You might:

  • Have no idea where to start

  • Don’t have a reliable support system that can encourage growth and consistency

  • You’ve started a project or online business and you want to figure out how to gain traffic and customers

No matter what stage you're in, You want to be the best You, you can be and for your business to grow exponentially.

Have an Impact!

You can, and will use your creativity and smarts to grow an online business

You can make it a reality faster than you think.

You may be thinking, “Whatever… How Sway?”, I get it, I’ve been there (many times lol).

Here are some core beliefs help to debunk that funk:

  • Everything worth having is Hard. So, put the time in, embrace the pain of not knowing and you will heal faster. I’m here to help you avoid some of those pain points- you’ll heal even faster with RJB (That’s me. More on me later )

  • We deserve to be happy and appreciate in the life, but especially in the work you do day in and day out. Think about how much time you spend at work. Away from friends and family. Should that time be pleasant (at least 80% of the time? No one is happy ALL the time)

  • You should act on goals that have been sitting in your brain for more than 6 months. After 3 months, if that Idea hasn’t vanished, you need to do something about it. Make a move. 1 of 2 things will happen once you give it an honest try.

    • 1. You’ll find out you hate it, and move on to another idea

    • 2. You’ll find out that you love it and will do whatever it takes to make it happen

Im hoping for the latter, and I’ll be there to help you grow

  • Honestly, I also believe that hip-hop is all the motivation you need. (Cue Eminem - Or- 97% of Jay-Z Catalog )

The Point Is: You have something DOPE you can do, sell or promote to the world that will positively contribute to your community and make you a happy camper… on your own time.

So, Let’s Create Dopeness Together

Whats Up? My Name Is RJ Bryan

You can call me RJ, RJB or Duke (I was born in the UK.. that's my story and I’m sticking to it)

I’m OBSESSED with online business and digital marketing in the year we live in, as well as teaching entrepreneurs (beginners or otherwise) how to make their online business and blogs get traffic, leads and customers.

I started just like you (back in 2013)

I wanted to get out of the “rat race”, I was tired of feeling like I was working on a plantation and working for “the man” wasn’t going to stop from feeling like I was suffocating. It was dreadful

Ok, im exaggerating a bit. But, my job was cozy, boring and didn’t pay much (Im trynna live “the good life” - Kanye voice)


I started asking questions and googling businesses I could start with little to no money. I came across all types of businesses that were too much for one man, without money and a massive college debt, to handle. Until I came across online businesses and blogs (currently working with CreditReps ).

This online business and marketing world quickly became my after work obsession. Soon after, it became my during work obsession. Then I was fired.


Luckily, I’d already been taking action with my online business and was making a full time income, while working on it part-time.

Loco, no?

My journey is continuing here on RJBryan.com, where I help you build businesses with motivation and tactics, while I build online businesses in front of you. Doesn’t that sound awesome ;)